Hey Look Ma! It CAN Cut to the Center of a Sheet of Ply!

Now what?!?!
Before the Shopsmith Mark V Model 510 was introduced this operation was very hinky indeed. Notice how much support the left half of this sheet has under it? That's right. This is a staged photo that the makers of the Shopsmith tools have shown in various forms for years.

Today with the 510 and 520 Models you at least have the option of side, fromt and rear support for this task, but in actuallity this is a task bect done with a straightedge and a hand-held circular saw. Or beter yet, pay the man 50 cents and have your sheet cut at the store when you buy it.

If you MUST recreate this silly scene please make sure that you have a ton of space in front and behind for you, the panel and the Shopsmith; and make sure that you have at least one helper at the ready. Ad make sure that this helper knows that they are NOT to pull the ply, but are a human rear-support table. I'm dead serious about this. This could kill you.

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