Using a Shopsmith 10er From a Wheelchair

Here are a couple cool pictures of a woodworking using his Shopsmith 10er from his wheelchair. Back when I worked for Shopsmith Inc. we had several such customers who modified their Mark V by removing the lower tube (Known as a Bench Tube) which is closest to the front of the tool in order to get closer to the table in their wheelchair.

The 10er has one advantage in that the stand was optional and was fabricated from lumber; so it could be made lower for this purpose. Some Mark V owners have shortened the sheet metal legs, while others have made a platform to operate from.

Another inspiring group of Shopsmithers are the visually impaired woodworkers. Imagine the set-up process of ANY woodworking tool, then imagine what that would be like to do without sight! These guys and gals are REAL woodworkers.

The photographs were taken in 1949 by Life Magazine.

Click pic to Biggie Size it.

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