Woodcraft has a great deal going on a nice 170 piece Brad Point Drill Bit Set

I was at our local Woodcraft store the other day, and while my bride sat patiently in the car I rummaged through their router bits looking for just the right one.  As I made my way to the checkout I was stopped dead in my tracks by a special that was on an end cap.

Until the end of August they have sets of 170 titanium nitride coated brad point drill bits for $29!, which is $10 less than the last time I found it on sale!

The set has 5 - 10 bits of each size: 1⁄16", 5⁄64", 3⁄32", 7⁄64", 1⁄8", 9⁄64", 5⁄32", 11⁄64", 3⁄16", 13⁄64", 7⁄32", 15⁄64", 1⁄4", 17⁄64", 9⁄32", 5⁄16", 21⁄64", 11⁄32" & 3⁄8"

The set is in a nice box, and it also includes a drill size gauge.

I'm not usually a sucker for TiN coated bits, because I've seen too many sets at Harbor Freight where the manufacturer obviously coats the bits that have the worse edges in order to hide their sins.  What a scam!  They take their defective bits and put 50 cents of electroplating on them and charge a premium!  Anyway, TiN coatings help to reduce heat on the cutting edge for increased bit life, and this Woodcraft set looks very nice.

Take a look at this set at Woodcraft.com

Pleas note, this sale ends Aug 27th 2011

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  1. Read reviews on Woodcraft's site for these bits... Seems some in the kit are out of round, so you will have to be very selective which bit you grab for, when drilling something that needs to be closer to exact than not. If that isn't an issue, and you just want a hole, this is a DEAL!


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