A neat dust collector for your woodshop

I've owned a Shopsmith DC3300 dust collector for over twenty years, and while it works fine for Shopsmith tools that feature dust ports that were designed for the CFM of airflow that the unit produces, it's just not optimal for most of my non-Shopsmith tools.

I've been looking at the units that are on the market for some time now and have come up with my personal wish list, and have finally narrowed it down to my prefered unit: the 2HP Mobile Cyclone from Laguna. One of the best features of the Shopsmith unit has been it's portability. After owning a 3HP Grizzly unit that was ducted throughout my shop, I came to appreciate the DC3300's ability to move around the shop, or even out of the shop for that matter.

That Grizzly had amazing airflow, but it came at the expense of my hearing! Running that monster was like having a DC10 landing in the shop! So, my plan was to find a unit that could be portable, but that also had the airflow to allow me to pug it into a central duct system. The Laguna generates 1450 CFM of airflow, with a static pressure of 10-1/2". This gets a little "nerdy", but if you're like me you might enjoy this site: http://billpentz.com//woodworking/cyclone/index.cfm were you'll find more than your fair share of dust collector information.

 Anyway, having owned a couple cyclone units in the past; One was a shop-built unit from an old issue of ShopNotes was fun to build, but the blower that I chose was way too powerful for it and wanted to crush it like an aluminum can! I wound-up having to mount a much smaller blower to it, and in the end it just didn't have the guts to keep up with my 20" Powermatic planer. After that I purchased an 11HP Torret that was just the opposite extreme, and ultimately I sold it.

What I did learn though was that the cyclone on both of these units did an amazing job at separating out all of the chips and dust before the air entered the blower, eliminating the problems that I had with the Shopsmith unit's single stage blower arrangement.

So here's the unit that I'll be purchasing shortly: Laguna 2HP Mobile Cyclone Dust Collector

This video isn't of the unit I'm buying, but there's some good info about Laguna cyclones.
Laguna Cyclone Dust Collector from Laguna Tools on Vimeo.

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