Shopsmith 10ER sighting at Ma and Pa Kettle's house

Back in the 1950's Magna Engineering published a little newsletter called Shopsmith Shop Notes as a place to share tips and tricks and to share stories and photos of the Shopsmith tools in action.  After three issues the newsletter was renamed "Shavings".  These were distributed free of charge to owner, and many years after Shavings was retired, Shopsmith Inc, the current manufacturer of the Shopsmith line of tools, revised the concept with their popular, but now defunct Hands-On Magazine.  I was reading through some of these old issues tonight when I stumbled across this picture of a couple cast members from the old movie series "Ma and Pa Kettle".  Richard Long was in a bunch of movies, but I remember him most for his role in the TV show "Nanny and the Professor". 

Here he is all gown up with the cast of "Nanny and the Professor". It's a shame that he died at the age of 47.

Click the pics to Biggie Size them.

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