How to store your Shopsmith tables and tubes when not in use

Way back in the late 1980's I came up with a design for storing the main table, the floating tables, and the tubes for my Mark V 510 when they were not needed. The design worked so well that several other Academy Instructors started using them in their Shopsmith Academies, and before long customers were building them too. I was truly honored when Shopsmith later added the design to one of the final issues of Hands-On magazine.

I've moved several times since then and actually forgot about that handy rack until I saw this video today on Youtube that features a rack for storing the tables on their tubes.  I actually like both designs, but at the moment I don't have a copy of my design to share with you. Unlike my rack this one allows you to store the tables on their tubes, or from PVC when the tubes are in use.  I like my rack though because I don't have to store mine with tubes installed.  What do you think and how do you store your parts when not in use?  Feel free to share a pic with me at  Scott

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