Another Shopsmith 10er Spindle Turning

If you had to chose one function of the Shopsmith tools that gets used the least; yet attracts the most woodworkers, it would be the lathe. It's interesting to note that the lathe is considered one of the first powered tools invented, yet it is the only tool where the wood is powered and the operator holds the cutters. I have to believe that early woodworkers must have said "Let's not do THAT again!"

Seriously, the lathe is a romantic tool, and few things relax me more than making fine shavings with my skew.

The Shopsmith 10er excells as a lathe because it's just so darn heavy, but the Mark V has the benifit of variable speed, a larger motor and an additional bearing in the quill. In either case at my hight (6' 1") I find the Mark V is just to low as is for comfortable turning. If I'm going to be turning longer than a half hour I always lift her up on 6" riser blocks. This is just about right for me and my back thanks me when I take the time to do this.

This photo was taken by Life Magazine in 1949 by Peter Stackpole

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