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"How to reverse the directon of my Shopsmith Bandsaw"

Why the odd post title? Because I have noticed a recent uptick in searches on this blog for this very thing.  So let's just cut to the chase: When you are standing in front of your Shopsmith tool, with the switch facing you, the SPT (Special Purpose Tool or Single Purpose Tool) such as the bandsaw, jointer, beltsander, scrollsaw, jigsaw, etc. should be mounted on the left end of the base, as shown in the photo with the jointer mounted in the proper position. I guess because people who sell used Shopsmith tools tend to load the tool with every SPT it will hold you'll often see Mark V's for sale with SPTs mounted on both end or just on the right. This is wrong!  If mounted on the right, not only will it be a long reach with the quill to even reach the tool with the power coupler, but once connected the tool will run backwards.  The exception to this is the strip sander, which can run in reverse, and the sprayer/air compressor, which can also run while being powered backwards.  The other exception is if you happen to have the SPT mounted on the old Shopsmith Mark 7 on the current a Mark V or Mark VII with a reversible PowerPro headstock or on a Shopsmith Crafter's Station, which also runs in reverse.

I remember talking to a guy in the Factory Showroom in Dayton about an issue he was having while bandsawing with the board wanting to lift from the table during the cut. He said "I have the hold-down set as tight as I can..." It was then that I knew, and now you do too.