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This blog is getting so busy and unwieldy, so I'v decided to create a couple posts where I will link to articles about specific tools of interest. These will be linked to by tabs at the top of the home page. Let me know what you think of this and if there's anything I should add or change. Scott

The following links are to post related to the Shopsmith Mark V both here on Blogger and on

Fred and his Shopsmith Mark V
Storing Shopsmith Mark V tables
How to safely load and unload a Shopsmith Mark V
Bought another Shopsmith Mark V
The Shopsmith "Shop Deputy" work center
Shopsmith Mark V sighting: Signature Custom Cabinetry
Shopsmith sighting on the New Yankee Workshop
How can someone let this happen to a perfectly good Shopsmith Mark V?
See, it pays to shop at the Habitat for Humanity Restore
Step-By-Step Shopsmith Mark V Conversion to 520 Pro
What's up with the Shopsmith Mark V shown on the new PowerPro video?  New Mark VII? 
OK, I'm ready to admit it.  I'm testing the Shopsmith PowerPro
Ways to upgrade your Shopsmith Mark V headstock to the NEW Power Pro
Here she is!  The NEW Shopsmith Power Pro Headstock video
Don't forget Shopsmith inspired Mugs and Tee Shirts at Zazzle
New Idler Shaft introduced ahead of the introduction of the Shopsmith Power Pro Headstock.
FINALLY! A Shopsmith PowerPro update!
Shopsmith PowerPro update (sort of)
A New Electronic Variable Speed Shopsmith Mark V Headstock is in the Works!
Reversing and slowing a Shopsmith Mark V
I just found a couple old photos of me with my Mark V, and now I'm feeling very old
Wanna see a Shopsmith prototype Mark V of tomorrow?
Cash for Clunkers.  Who Knew It Was Originally a Shopsmith Thing?
Is Shopsmith Inc Dead?
FREE Downloads of Owners Manuals from Shopsmith!
Several AWESOME Sites for Shopsmith Woodworking Enthusiasts
Shopsmith Mark V (Mark 5) Information, Review and History
Ever Wonder What's Happening Inside Your Shopsmith Mark V?
Shopsmith Service, Repair and Replacement Headstock Information, Review and History
The Shopsmith Mark V was good enough for Ward
Hans Goldschmidt, Inventor of the Shopsmith Mark V

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