I found it! Here's the picture of a Shopsmith 10er being used as a panel saw!

I wish you knew how many emails I've received questioning my statement some posts back that the Shopsmith tools were even shown being used as a panel saw in the vertical mode. Well neigh-sayers, neigh no more! The photo at right is from an article on the then-semi-new Shopsmith 10er in the March 1950 Popular Science.

Now, for my next outlandish statement:
Did you hear the one about the guy that used his Mark V to drill a well in his back yard? The story we heard at Shopsmith was that a fellow saw one of those ads in the back of a DIY magazine that showed a home well-drilling rig that to his eye looked a lot like his Mark V. So he purchased the drill tips and a few other items from the well-drill company and then ran a long extension cord out to his back yard and to his Mark V. Apparently he rigged a block and tackle to haul the headstock up the vertical way tubes and then used the weight of the headstock and gravity to drive the drill downward. From what we hear he was actually able to drill quite a way down before he encountered problems with his headstock and had to hang it up. After sending his headstock to Dayton for repair it was determined that the problem was caused by the ridiculously long and lightweight extension cord that he used that caused the problem, and if he had used a better cord he might have pulled it off!

Don't hold your breath for pictures.

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