Here's a Great Picture of R.J. DeCristoforo Turning on a Shopsmith 10er

If you don't already know, R.J. DeCristoforo is a famous author of woodworking books and was an author and editor of Popular Science Magazine. One of his most famous series of books were titled Power Tool Woodworking For Everyone. In these book Mr. DeCristoforo took first the 10er, and years later the Mark V through it's paces. He found entirely new ways of using these versatile tools including one of the most controversial use; The Vertical Panel Saw of Death! For this use the tool was set-up as a table saw, but then it was raised into the Drill Press position. Next the operator would walk a vertical sheet of plywood past the blade! That's right, not only was the blade poking-out at the operator's chest, but what do you think happens to the top half of the panel once it get's released from the lower half? That's right, it bonks you on the noggin'! Here Mr. DeCristoforo is using the 10er in one of it's more conventional settings; faceplate turning. This photo was taken for Life Magazine in 1949 by Peter Stackpole.

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