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Home-made tools? And they're made of wood? Yup! Gilliom has been making kits for DIY'ers since the 1940's and they've sold THOUSANDS of plans and kits for tools such as a 10" tilting arbor tablesaw, an 12" and a 14" bandsaw, a beltsander (which I and told can be modified for use on the Shopsmith tools) and more.

Now, what does this have to do with Shopsmith tools? Because Shopsmith tool owners are just the kind of folks who enjoy classic, time-tested tools, good-ol' American ingenuity and a bit of a challenge. Who among us wouldn't enjoy the pride that would come from using a tool that we made ourselves? As I see it, we are the ideal Gilliom customer!

Visit my new blog for more details and make sure you call Roger tomorrow and order a catalog.

Gilliom Tools Gil-Bilt Bandsaw Gilliom Lathe Gilliom Table Saw Gil-Bilt Tools

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