You say "changeover" like it's a bad thing, shirts, mugs and more for sale

If you are the owner of any Shopsmith tool you've no doubt heard the phrase "Oh yeah, the Shopsmith is cool, but it takes too long to changeover".

It used to make me want to scream!

I'm over that now, and am proud to offer my answer to the naysayers: Visit our new Zazzle store for the new "You say "changeover" like it's a bad thing" shirt and coffee mugs, and many other neat items for woodworkers with images from original US Patent Art Prints.

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  1. Several years ago Shopsmith trademark mugs were available through woodcrafters magazine. I'm looking for one of these highly treasured vintage mugs. I talked to Shopsmith about it and they are not interested in reproducing these, so I'll need to find one second hand. It will be a Christmas present for a 90 yo that uses his Shopsmith nearly everyday creating wood products for fiends and family. I know he would love to have one of the vintage mugs. If anyone has one and has the heart to part with it please let me know. I have the magazine ad photo, so I know just what I'm looking for. Thanks, Lyle


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