Rockler Pock-it Hole Clamp

Whenever I can I love to stop by Rockler. Understand that isn't as easy as it once was because they closed the High Point NC (home) Rockler a couple years back, so I have to drop-by their stores wherever I happen to stumble upon them. I'm in Torrance (LA) CA this week and my hotel is less than 1/4 mile for Rockler, so I had to visit today. As usual they have a sale going on and there were two things that I had to tell you about.

The fist one is a simple little do-dad that is simply a rare-earth magnet in a little plastic housing that slips smugly not the end of a tape measure to help you measure over long distances. What's funny is that I've got a rare-earth magnet on the tip of one of my tapes back at home for just this very thing, but because it isn't attached it's always getting attracted t metal stuff and slipping off when I lease expect it. This little thing is called a "Magnatip", and it normally sells for $3.50, but during the sale they are three for $3.49. I left with four of them.

The other thing that I couldn't walk out without was a Rockler exclusive item called Pock-it Hole Clamp. This neat little tool is designed to hold a butt joint together while you drive a picket hole screw into place. This simple little task has caused me countless hours of frustration with parts slipping around, so I was thinking abut picking-up one of these $20 gadgets. In the Rockler catalog they are $19.99, or four for $17.99 each. I had one in my hand and was reading the back if the package when I noticed the sale sign that said they were only $12.99 each!

Check out this new pocket hole joinery clamp in this video from Rockler and get a couple today while they are on this excellent sale.

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