Ever See a Hen's Tooth?

"They" say that something that is hard to find is as rare as a hen's tooth, and today I think I found one.  WAY back in the late 1980's Lee Valley, a Canadian woodworking tool company,  published a neat book that they called the Woodworker's Logbook.  It was a hard cover 3 ring binder with a couple hundred loose-leaf pages of charts, measurements and other useful things for the woodworker.

Lee Valley described it as:
More than just a record-keeping book, the Woodworker's Logbook is a compendium of essential information for the shop.  Standard furniture heights, depths and widths, lumber and plywood standards, pre-drill sizes for screws, bit operating speeds (to ensure you never watch another expensive bit turn blue) and a guide to knock-down hardware are included along with numerous other tables and guidelines.

It also had a simple inventory record system that let you compile and readily update the cost and replacement value of your hand and power tools, lumber stock, etc., for insurance claims. 

Additionally the indexed project section is designed by woodworkers to allowed you to record information specific to various pieces you built in an easily accessible format. Exact molding profiles, critical dimensions of a piece and the materials you used could be recorded conveniently, which makes it much more likely that you will keep the records you often wish you had. 

The logbook was supplied with ruled, graph and tracing paper and was in a durable 2-½" thick three-ring binder that opens flat, allowing easy page reorganization or addition.

Why do I mention all this?  Because I can't find my copy to save my life, so I decided to just hop onto the "Interwebs" and purchase another copy... and that's when I hit the brick wall.  First off I couldn't remember the title, so I was searching "Woodworking resource book".  Then I added the word "chart" to that search, because I knew it had charts.  Nothin'.  How about adding the name Lee Valley?  Ya know, I think they were launching the name Veritas at that time, so let's add that to the search too.

I finally went to the Wayback Machine and searched a ten year old version of the Lee Valley site and there it was!  

Good, I have the title, so now I'll just search THAT and I'll surely be bombarded with reliant hits.  NOT! 
This book, when it can be found, is selling for upward of $100!  USED!  

So, here's a link to an eBay search for this book, but keep in mind that it will rarely be posted for sale, and when it does I will be bidding against you!  

Click this link to find your own copy of the Woodworker's Logbook for Sale on eBay.

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