The Shopsmith Clamping Miter Gauge. The Best Miter Gauge EVER!

I finally got around to shooting a video that's been in my head for some time. As you will see, there are some knock-offs of the Shopsmith miter gauge on the market, but at the same time Shopsmith has some new tricks up their sleeves as well. Check-out the video then visit the links below if one of them catches your eye.

Visit Shopsmith at to get your own Shopsmith/Incra miter gauge.

Here are some links to the products shown in the video, which can be found on eBay and Amazon: on eBay. Look for MLCS and Woodstock International.
MLCS Miter Gauge on Amazon
Woodstock International Miter Gauge on Amazon


Finally, here's a link to one of my favorite reviews of the Incra V120:

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  1. It is been a long time since i focus on the things that i wanna learn.Well this video give me a lot of reason to learn.Those power tools are really amazing by the way.


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