The Double-Secret New Kreg Tool is a BLAST to use!

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to get my hands on the new Kreg pocket hole machine that they are planning on unveiling on 6/9/14, and while I am sworn to secret, what I can tell you is that you're gonna want one.  It's not a simple tool and it's going to set you back the cost of a 6" jointer, but boy, let me tell ya, if cabinetmaking or furniture making is on your bucket list but you don't want to spend all your time doing joinery, it's the tool of your dreams.

My best advise to you would be to click on this link on June 9th and then sort by price, from High to Low, and scroll down until you see what I'm talking (or not talking) about. I'll report back as soon as it goes live to fill-in the blanks.

Here's a teaser vid from Kreg:

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