"Super-Versatile Corner Clamps" from Shopsmith and Harbor Freight

I just received an email from Shopsmith promoting their "Super-Versatile Corner Clamps", part number 523056 and after taking a close look at the photos realized that I have seen these before... at Harbor Freight!  Now, everyone knows that in addition to Shopsmith manufactured items they also sell some "allied" tools that are made by other manufactures, but when this clamp is being offered at an everyday price of $9.99 at Harbor Freight (and we all carry a 20% discount coupon in our wallet, right?) how can the folks at Shopsmith justify charging $19.95? 

But wait, there's a limited time sale on them if you buy four: They'll only set you back $59.85, or $14.96 each.  So using my simple math skills it looks like you'll still be overpaying about $20.  

But how about shipping?  Shipping to my home in NC will set me back $10.99 from Shopsmith while from Harbor Freight it's going to cost me $6.99.  But wait again.  There's a Harbor Freight on the drive home, so if I just drop by...

ShopSmart, my friends.  Scott

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