MiterSet crazy-accurate miter gauge setting tool now for Shopsmith miter gauge!

Several months ago I stumbled across a video on Youtube of a neat little tool that looked like an answer to prayers. The MiterSet is actually one of those tools that makes another tool the best it can be and in this case that other tool is the Shopsmith miter gauge.  If you've read any of my previous post related to the Shopsmith miter cause you will already know how great I think it is, but the one issue I've always had with it is that the pistol grip for the safety hold-down is located directly in front of the line of sight for the vernier scale on the protractor. That means it can be tough to set accurately.

Enter the MiterSet. This handy tool is available in two versions:

  1. One that will give you actually degrees, such as 45 deg, 62.5 deg, etc.
  2. The other is even simpler in that if tells you how many sides a box or frame or whatever you are mitering will have. For example, want a 9 sided object? Who cares what the actual degrees are? Just set the pins in the proper holes, slide the loosened miter gauge in the propriatary Shopsmith slot against the pins and tighten. That's it!  
What is that worth to you? How much frustration will it end and how many failed projects will it prevent. I just purchased the "MiterSet Segments for ShopSmith Mark V" version for $69 + postage. 

Order yours directly from the manufacturer at this link: MiterSet Segments for ShopSmith Mark V

Want to see it in action? Check these videos out.
Here's one of my favorite Youtubers Izzy Swan demonstrating the value of the MiterSet:

Here's a video showing the MiterSet being used on a Shopsmith Mark V tablesaw.

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