Amazing Expanding Dining Room Table! (Sort of the "Shopsmith of dining tables")

I was amazed when I saw this table at my wife's aunt over this past Christmas. So much so that I've seen searching for it ever since. I believe that this is the perfect table for folks like us who dine alone most meals, but all it takes is a birthday or Holiday and the crowd swells to ridiculous proportions. I've finally located this table and have linked to the source below. It comes in two styles: a dark Mission style (Or what they call Mission Tuscany) and a lighter Cherry table, which is the one that caught my eye.

(Click on the pic to Biggie-size it!)

So what's so special about it?
You get three kinds of tables in one amazing expandable table! This beautiful table starts as a compact console table perfect for the entryway or living room. The top flips up and over to extend this table into the perfect game table to play board games or card games with your friends and family. When you add the additional two 16" leaves (included) this table becomes a dining table capable of seating 8! This table is a space saver. This dining table is great for people who don't have two separate dining areas. Use the dinette/game size table for everyday use and the dining room table size for when company comes over. Please note: The drawers do not open, they are drawer fronts for decoration only.

As a Console the table measures 30"H x 40"W x 20"D.
As a Dinette/Game table it's 30"H x 40"W x 40"D.
As a Dining Table it's a MASSIVE 30"H x 40"W x 72"D!

They also have matching chairs available.

Here's the link: Stacks & Stacks Thousands of Organizing Solutions Search for "Extendable Tables".

Now I only need to order three; one for us and one for each of the kids who will be getting married this year. Yes, as a woodworker it does feel weird to think about buying something like this, but once I priced the hardware, the lumber and calculated the time it would take for me to fit this into my schedule, I realized that I was way ahead to check this off the Honey-do list and just buy it. I hate being this honest with myself!

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