April 24th 2009: National Pigs in a Blanket Day!

The day began over breakfast with my buddy "Brew" at Tex & Shirley's in High Point, NC. Being National Pigs in a Blanket Day we of course had to go with the day's name sake.

We spoke with a nice gentleman who said he was the owner (We suspect his name was Shirley) who was surprised to learn of the day's significance. We suggested that the place could have used a few more revilers, and embracing this holiday in the future might help fill the place up a bit. Breakfast was excellent and at only $4.95 it was a steal.

Breakfast was so much fun that we had to keep it going; not to mention that Eddie was upset that he missed-out. So off we went to Pancho Villa's (Or as we call it: "Carnitaville") for pork carnitas. The way we see it, Carnitas + Tortillas = Pigs in a Blanket! Eddie was pleased.

Oh, but wait... Dinner's ahead...

So here's the family. Well, not quite. Both of our kid's spouses were busy tonight, but our kids have their priorities straight and made it over for free food. This evening's PIAB's were whole grain and covered with pureed berries and a dash of powdered sugar. Yum!
From L to R: Our son Seth, a.k.a "Boy"; our daughter Dayna, a.k.a "Stinks" (And the baby on board is Jensen, a.k.a. "Smucker's", due late July) me and my bride Jandy, a.k.a "Guppyhead".

Not shown in photo: Nathan, Alison, Jensen and Goodie.

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