Is Shopsmith Inc Dead?

Woodworking forums are buzzing with rumors about the demise of Shopsmith Inc, and if the rumors are true, were does that leave owners of the Mark V and other Shopsmith tools?

Well, I can confirm that Shopsmith Inc. has closed its doors. A new company called RLF Shop, LLC (Presumably for Robert L. Folkerth, COO of Shopsmith Inc.) has begun from 6 full-time former Shopsmith Inc. employees to produce the Shopsmith line of woodworking tools and to take orders. (You'll LOVE Linda!) This makes RLF Shop the fifth company to produce the Shopsmith line since its inception in the 1940's.

As for the future of the Shopsmith tool line. No need to panic. Even if this new restructuring fails there are over 1 million Shopsmith 5-in-1 tools in use and if activity on eBay is any indication there will be a used parts market for years to come. This was part of Shopsmith Inc's problem to begin with; their tools just don't die!

Lots more info and discussions about the ramifications can be found on the following forums:

This forum is hosted by Nick Engler, another former Shopsmith Inc employee with strong connections to the company. Take a look for Nick's own observations. (Nick also has a great site worth bookmarking)

Another interesting blog entry that has been interesting to watch for some time:

Information about the Sheriff's auction of Shopsmith's building in Dayton Ohio.


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    1. No, Linda Tansley. I believe that she’s retired from SS now.

    2. Linda Warden is retired from Shopsmith. I don't know Linda Tansley.


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