New Idler Shaft introduced ahead of the introduction of the Shopsmith Power Pro Headstock.

Shopsmith has posted a service bulletin that shows the new high-speed bearings on a Mark V Idler Shaft.  These bearings will be found on the Idler Shaft of the Power Pro headstock, but seeing how the Reeves Pulleys are not used on the Power Pro the shaft will not require the key way, the groove or the shallow hold at the end of the key way.  Read more at and at 


  1. Hi Scott I’m a relatively new user of the shopsmith and have been watching your utub video, which I find very informative. I upgraded to the power pro about 2 years ago. I did the DIY kit. In that kit came a new idler shaft with pulley and bearings. Well the inner bearing next to the pulley has gone bad. I’m in the middle of making Wooden Easter baskets for my daughters. My question is can the bearings and pulley be pressed off and replaced or do I need a whole new assembly?

    1. Scott here. Yes, you should be able to press them off. The biggest challenge will likely be finding the bearing, but once you do I would buy a couple. Good luck and let me know what you learn.


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