When I say that "I Saw Smith", I mean that I SawSmith!

It's taken way longer than expected, but we finally got the SawSmith Radial Arm Saw US Patent tee shirt posted on Zazzle.  they do an excellent job with their items, and I've really been tickled with their shirts and their mugs in particular.
Please note that you not only get to select the shirt size and color, but they have a wide range of styles and qualities to choose from as well.  We also have items that feature US Patent images from the Mark V, the Mark VII, the 10ER and other woodworking tools.  
When I say I “Saw Smith, I mean I SawSmith!  
We also added a shirt with our favorite image of all time.  You ow it to yourself to check this one out.
Click either pic to check it out the shirt.

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