Harbor Freight Tools? Really?

It never fails to stop my tool-snob buddies in their tracks when they walk through my shop and past my Shopsmith Mark V's, my Powermatic 66 table saw, my Delta 14" bandsaw and jointer, my DeWalt planer and other very nice tools that I've been blessed to own, only to find my Harbor Freight tools on a shelf next to my bench.  "Do you really use THOSE tools?" usually comes next.  Of course I do!

Sure, I've purchased my share of duds, but that can also be said of all the brands listed above too.  The key is to first know your tool options well and study their construction and use them HARD the weekend you purchase them.  If they're going to have a problem it'll be when you need them most, so put them to the test as soon as you get them and return them if something goes wrong.

I'm also a big proponent of buying their tools whenever they are on sale and you can always find a couple of their coupons in my money clip.  (click the photo at right of today's actual haul)

The trick is knowing where to get the coupons.  Of course you can keep an eye out on the mailers that come directly from HF, but the real trick is to find the coupons and the codes that they use to entice new shoppers.  There are the truly sweet deals!

I have three favorite places to get these every month: Popular Mechanics, AAA magazine, National Geographic (Seriously!) and at this link: Harbor Freight Super Coupons: Save 30% to 60% Off!

I'm NEVER without a "20% off a single item" coupon, and usually I have another "Free Gift" coupon worth an LED flashlight, a set of screwdrivers or something generally useful.

Check the link above from time to time because those deals change often.  You can either print them and take them to your local store, or click on them and purchase them from the HF site.  With the price of gas these days being around $3.50 a gallon I've been finding their shipping charges to be less than a trip to my local store! 

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