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This blog is getting so busy and unwieldy, so I'v decided to create a couple posts where I will link to articles about specific tools of interest. These will be linked to by tabs at the top of the home page. Let me know what you think of this and if there's anything I should add or change. Scott

The following links are to post related to the Shopsmith Bandsaw both here on Blogger and on

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Powering the Shopsmith Bandsaw with the PowerPro Headstock
Shopsmith Bandsaw Information, Review and History


  1. My husband owns a Shopsmith Mark V (1992) which he has only used maybe 10 times or less. Could anyone give me what the value on the Shopsmith might be? He is also interested in selling.

    Thank you.


  2. Because Shopsmith produced a couple different models that year it would be helpful to know which model you own as well as what accessories might be included. Pictures would also help. I would suggest posting that information on the Shopsmith Facebook group or search online for the Shopsmith forum. you’re going to get your best offers if you sell it on eBay. Search this blog for “how to sell a Shopsmith“.

  3. my dad has a mark 5 model 510 how do i adjust the bandsaw table front to back i have adjusted it side side but cant find any way to adjust it front to back he bought it in 1993 if that helps


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