Short notice of a 50% Shopsmith mug sale

 I know this is short notice, but I just learned that today only the web site Zazzle has coffee mugs 50% off, including a couple Shopsmith-related designs of mine that I posted some time back. Click here and search "Shopsmith" to see them all: also the discount code is "ZAZDAY1DEALS" so be sure to enter it in the discount box at check-out. At 50% they are only about 17% too expensive!


  1. Hi Scott. Jeff Amiot here. I am new to your site and having a ball watching all of your videos. When you were discussing The lube that you use, you mentioned The ZOOM SPOUT sewing machine oil. I called the owner of the company and he told me that oil is NOT proper to use in the SS machines. He said that the Turbine oil in a ZOOM SPOUT type bottle is designed for mechanical systems up to 5hp and is perfect for SS equipment. My father gave me his 1982 Mark V and every thing he could get for it at the time. I am 69 and having a great time learning how to use and care for it. It's been in the garage for many years and it's time to use it. Thank you for your inspiration and info. Keep it up. GO INCRA gauge!

    1. ust now
      Hey Jeff, That's very interesting. I remember there being a lot of hubbub about turbine oil some years back and everyone having difficulty finding it. Have you found it? Did the guy you talked to know the Shopsmith? The issue is the Reeves drive is vastly different than a pulley that is rotating on a shaft. Anyway, this is what I've been using for years and the biggest concern I have is the people who use no lubrication, and I would contend that a light mineral oil is far better than using no oil. Scott


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