Something NEW from Shopsmith? The Mark 4!

Over Labor Day weekend, 2021 Shopsmith posted this cryptic meme on their Facebook page and I'm sure folks are anxious to know more.  The answer is the launch of something old and something new: The Shopsmith Mark V Model 520S and the new Mark 4.  What's the difference between these tools and the current Mark 7? Let's start with the Mark V 520S:
The 520S marks the return of the classic mechanical headstock. This headstock has taken the back burner in favor of the electronic variable speed PowerPro, but thanks to the worldwide semiconductor shortage that has been brought on by the pandemic, Shopsmith will bring the mechanical headstock back to the forefront.  This machine will sell for $3795 USD.

The Mark 4 (Shorty)
Featuring the carriage, main table, and fence rails of the Mark V 520, 

The biggest change from the previous Mark V's and Mark 7 is that the Mark 4 will come with shorter bench and way tubes. That means that the machine really won't be usable for turning, so it's not even provided with turning components. The shorter tubes mean that the drill press will likely be lower. 

The machine will function as a table saw, a disc sander, a drill press, and a horizontal boring machine and will be able to operate all the standard SPTs.  The machine will be upgradeable with longer tubes and all the lather accessories should an owner desire to upgrade. All this will set you back $3499 USD, though it can be purchased as a stripped-down model for $2778 and you can add each of the basic features on an al la carte basis.  Learn more here:

Here's a quick rundown video. 

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  1. I wasn't following Shopsmith's website in 2021. Are you saying that at that time they were only selling the Mark 7 prior to the introduction of the 520S and the Mark 4?


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