Shopsmith Crosscut Sliding Table

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In this video we discussed the Shopsmith Crosscut Sliding Table, which in part was inspired by similar jig used by Norm Abram on the New Yankee Workshop, as well as the "Dubby Jig". The Dubby Jig was a popular tool among woodworkers in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and many customers of the popular brand, Shopsmith, were asking for a similar tool, so Shopsmith obliged.

These are designed to aid in cutting larger pieces of stock. The traditional miter gauge has a small face, only about six inches, which can make it difficult to guide larger pieces of lumber or sheet stock through the blade accurately. This jig, however, has a long aluminum fence that can be aligned to not only 90 degrees, but also to various angles. Additionally, the wood is sliding on a table that moves with the wood, which reduces friction between the wood and the table.

To align the table, the miter bar has a little bit of play when the three cap screws that hold it in place are loosened, allowing for adjustment. Once it is close, it can be locked in place by adjusting the fence. A good square or drafting triangle is a great tool for this.

One issue that can arise with this setup is that as the stock is being cut, it may want to sink down on the opposite side of the blade, because it is not supported on that side, causing a potential kickback at worst or at least a little unwelcome tear-out. To solve this problem, I added a piece of stock to the opposite side of the blade for support. Shopsmith's engineers took this idea one step further and added the ability to lock the support into the miter slot, making it a top-selling accessory.

Overall, this table is a great tool for woodworkers looking to make accurate cuts on larger pieces of stock. The long aluminum fence, ability to rotate to various angles, and added support make it a versatile and effective tool.

I have to admit that I was surprised to learn that the Dubby is still available! Find it here: 🟢 Here are links to my favorite 9" long T-handle "Shopsmith Toolbox" 5/32" Hex Wrench: 🟢 If you are interested in the Shopsmith Cross-Cut Sled you can find them used on eBay: or new from the Mothership:

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