Is the Shopsmith Clamping Miter Gauge the perfect Miter Gauge?

I've always been impressed with the Shopsmith miter gauge, with its comfortable pistol grip and quick-adjusting hold-down clamp.  So much so that it's bewildered me why it hasn't been copied more than it has.  That's not to say that it hasn't been copied, just not faithfully.

I visited a brick and mortar woodworking store the other day and noticed that they had the Woodstock International Clamping Miter Gauge on display, and seeing that it appeared to be an exact clone of the Shopsmith miter gauge I decided to play with it a bit.  Boy, was that an eye opening experience.   In fact, after playing with it a few minutes I felt inspired to shoot a video to talk about the original Shopsmith miter gauge and its evolution, and then show you what the copies like the Woodstock and the MLCS Miter Gauge bring to the party.

I'll embed that video here shortly, but in the mean time go ahead and subscribe to my Youtube channel:  I plan to start posing regularly to that channel, and if this blog is of interest to you I'm sure that you'll enjoy the channel.  Scott

P.S. Here's a link to my previous post that related to the Shopsmith miter gauge:

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