How to Safely Load a Shopsmith Mark V into a Vehicle

I recently purchased another Mark V from Craigslist, mainly because I'd been bidding in vain on eBay for a Shopsmith Strip Sander. I finally found this Mark V model 500 that included a Strip Sander, a Bandsaw and a Belt Sander, and I wrote about in in a prior blog post. Anyway, as I loaded it into my van the though occurred to me that other folks might benefit from some tricks that Shopsmith presenters learned during their life on the road. The video below shows how one person and easily and safely load a Shopsmith Mark V into a tall vehicle, like a truck or a van. After filming this I realize that I need to show you how to move one if all you have is a car, so I guess I need to borrow my son-in-law's fugly Scion and film another vid. More to come on this subject. Scott

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