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This blog is getting so busy and unwieldy, so I'v decided to create a couple posts where I will link to articles about specific tools of interest. These will be linked to by tabs at the top of the home page. Let me know what you think of this and if there's anything I should add or change. Scott

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Tips for Buying a Shopsmith Joint-Matic
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Finally found a Crafter's Station 


  1. Saw a Shop smith joint matic for sale in the spokane WA Craigslist in the tools section..

  2. Have a complete Model 10E Ser#10519 still using it and have manual with full set of homemade woodturning tools for sale in Los Lunas NM 505-357-4954

  3. Scott, I found what looks like a SS 500 that has been setting out long enough for the way tubes to rust. The ad says it runs but I don’t know what comes with it. He’s asking $75 for it. I can probably get it for $50-$60. Is it worth pursuing for a parts unit for my SS 510 or forget it?

    1. I’d take a close look at it and if possible, see if you can start it or at least see if the spindles turn. It may be worth it for parts.

    2. I would definitely get it. For that price you can't beat it for spare parts. Most of the time it's nothing a little elbow grease can't take care of besides the bearings and such.

  4. Hey I'm new to this blog and thought I'd reach out prior to purchasing a new Shopsmith Speed Reducer (part #555428). As a background, I have a 1987 M 500. Recently I clean, lubed and waxed this system just prior to assembling the Model 520 ProFence and table upgrade that I got through Lowe's. I've always enjoyed using this shopsmith as a drill press, but the rpms have generally been too high. I'm considering two options of either buying the speed reducer or purchasing a new PowerPro Upgrade Kit (556177). Honestly, I'm reluctant to spend almost $2K on the PowerPro if a speed reducer fits the bill. On occasion I drill soft metals, but mainly the drill press connects with wood. Over the past 6 months I've not been able to find on line a used Shopsmith speed reducer for sale, but maybe someone here knows where I can find one? Thanks

  5. I am selling my fathers sawsmith please see this link to my ebay listing


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