Shopsmith PowerPro update (sort of)

(4-9-2010) Got a preview of the PowerPro today while visit some of my old co-workers at Shopsmith, and while I've been sworn to secrecy I have been authorized to say one thing:


I'm telling you guys, this thing is going to be awesome. And that's not all...

I'll say more when I can, but for now I can confirm that it's still a go and should be available long before the Fall woodworking season.

This has been the answer to Shopsmith's dreams, as they've been asked for this functionality forever. As a Shopsmith user I can tell ya that my voice has been in the same chorus as yours. Every time I rip thick hardwood or drill with a large Forstner bit with my Mark V I wish it had a larger motor. Every time I use the Mark V as a shaper or do a slot mortise with a straight router bit I wish it ran faster than 5200rpm. Every time I turn a large piece or drill steel aor again try to drill with a large bit I wish my Mark V could run slower than 700rpm. Yes, there are some add-on solutions to some of these drawbacks, but wouldn't it be nice to have these as standard features? Of course they would!

More to come soon, but again; and this is official: "WOW!"

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  1. We are all waiting but not so patiently. Thanks for the seek review.


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