Looking for a Mark V in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area?

I was just contacted by a Shopsmith Mark V owner in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area who is looking for a loving home for his Shopsmith Mark V Model 500. The Serial # is 222227, which would put the date of manufacturing as Oct. 1987. Coincidentally this is the exact month my Mark V was made! That must make the brothers!

Anyway, this unit has seen very little use, has no rust, runs well and the variable speed dial works great. The entire unit has been in inside storage for the past ten years.

Included accessories:

  • A Shopsmith 11" Bandsaw with blades,
  • The award-winning (seriously) safety kit, including a push stick, push block, fence straddler, & feather board.
  • A coupling kit for driving the Bandsaw and any other Single Purpose Tools you choose to add.
  • The famous Shopsmith miter gauge with safety grip.
  • Lathe tail stock, drive center, cup center, & tool rest.
  • Miscellaneous Allen wrenches & arbor wrench.
  • 2 Drill press chucks & keys.
  • Table saw extension table, rip fence, upper saw guard, saw arbors (2), 10” saw blade, dado blade set (never used), aluminum inserts for table saw & drill press tables!
  • Wooden accessory shelf for storing accessories when not mounted on the Mark V.
  • Two videos: ‘Woodworking Fundamentals’ & ‘Crafts & Toys’.
  • The famous book, which is known far and wide as "the Shopsmith bible", ‘Power Tool Woodworking for Everyone’.
  • Complete owner’s manual for the Mark V and the manual for bandsaw attachment.
  • Vinyl covers for Shopsmith unit and bandsaw.
  • A plastic tub of project plans from Shopsmith and other sources.
All this and the seller is only asking $1100! Based on my years of research on eBay and Craig's List this is a very reasonable price.

Email me (Scott) for contact information: MrToolHunter@gmail.com

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