There's always a few miss-named Shopsmith items...

Miss-labeled Shopsmith items for sale on eBay


  1. I have a 1982 Mark V that I am repairing. The main bearings on the primary drive spindle have gone bad and I need replacements. Shopsmith sells the whole assembly, spindle, sheave and bearings, but I have had this on order for about a month and still nothing! Is there somewhere to purchase aftermarket parts like this other than Shopsmith?

  2. They are standard, "off the shelf" bearings and they all have numbers on them, so clean them off and Google the numbers. You'll find that many if not all of them can be purchased on Amazon or eBay, but certainly from your local bearing supply house. Search to see if you have a Motion Industries location near you. Scott

    1. You mentioned in one of your YouTube videos that someone had begun manufacturing Shopsmith parts domestically and you gave a link...but I can’t remember which video that was!! Do you recall this?

    2. Yes, this is the company: Unfortunately they don't cover the entire range of water pump bearing assembly configurations, such as the bandsaw lower wheel bearing, but they do have the idler shaft configuration and more.


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