Shopsmith sighting on the New Yankee Workshop

I'm sure that I've mentioned this, but just in case you are hearing it for the first time; Back in 1987 I was the manager of Shosmith's "Boston" store, and was called out to the site of a new woodworking show to help them set-up a bunch of Shopsmith tools. That show was the New Yankee Workshop, and though Shopsmith was an official sponsor on just the first season, Norm continued to use the Mark V and a few of the other Shopsmith tools over the run of the show.

I found a video on Youtube of one of those early episodes that features the Mark V. I'll post others below as I discover them


  1. The lack of rattles from his Shopsmith makes me think it's time for a headstock tuneup for mine...!

  2. One episode featured the Shopsmith overhead pin router. Another episode featured the Shopsmith lathe duplicator; which was also on a episode of This Old House back in the late 80's while restoring an old farm house.


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