Shopsmith Mark V sighting: Signature Custom Cabinetry

In my job as a corporate trainer I get to visit a lot of woodworking shops and factories and I get to meet a lot of skilled and experienced craftsmen and business people.  On a recent trip to Ephrata, PA (Lancaster County) I had the pleasure to visit Signature Custom Cabinetry and meet the Martin brothers who started it all.  Kent, Devon & Delayne were taught woodworking by their grandfather and from there they launched Signature in Kent’s two-car garage in 1989.

They've come a long way since their humble start.  For example, for three years running Signature Custom Cabinetry has been named one of the 100 fastest growing wood products manufacturers in the USA!
Anyway, as I walked down the hall of their corporate headquarters with their VP of Development, I stopped dead in my tracks by the sight that you see in the photo.

I learned that the Martin's started their business on a Shopsmith Mark V, and that a couple years back the brothers had it restored and put on display just outside their offices, along with photos of their original shop and of each of them as kids working on that very Mark V.

These men have sure come a long way as they built on their passion for excellence that was born on that amazing tool. 

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