Shopsmith SPT (Single Purpose or Special Purpose Tool) Stand and Accessory Stand

Ever since Magna started producing the original 10ER jigsaw and jointer, owners of them have struggled for a good solution to store them when they aren't mounted on the Shopsmith. Other owners have had their shop space grow and desired to mount their excellent Shopsmith Special Purpose tools on their own stands. Enter the SPT stand and the Accessory Stand. Offered on and off since the 1950s, these stands have been sold without motors for use as simple storage stands or with motors and switches.  One interesting iteration featured a centrally-mounted motor with a through-shaft that would drive two tools simultaneously. This stand was even sold for a time as a bade for a Magna tilting arbor table saw and jointer combo.  

These stands show up on eBay from time to time and are listed under a variety of names, so you might need to do some clever searching to track them down. 

Here's a good starting point: Shopsmith SPT Stands for Sale on eBay

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