Using the Shopsmith 5-Piece Safety Kit (Push Stick, Fence Straddler, Featherboard, Push Blocks)

I recently posted a video on my “MyGrowthRings” Youtube channel on the use of Shopsmith’s 5-Piece Safety Kit, which has been a standard part of every Mark V sold since the mid-1980’s. That hit includes an excellent Push Stick, a Fence Straddler, for pushing narrow boards through the saw, a Feather board that has been knocked-off by many and was the inspiration for many others on the marker, and a pair of beefy Push Blocks. You don’t have to own Shopsmith tools to find these useful and their use is similar to others, so if the use of these types of safety tools are you new to you I encourage you to give this vid a view.

Here’s the video link”":

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